Rethink Hydration

Rethink Hydration

Rethink Hydration

Proven Palatability


At Macahl we know what dogs and cats like and don’t like to drink. That’s why we only add what they need and love and nothing else.

Oralade has been carefully designed with pets needs and tastes in mind. Specially formulated to be Isotonic for fast absorption and rehydration.

Oralade uses only purified water, natural chicken flavour and essential electrolytes, glucose and amino acids to create an extremely palatable, fast acting solution that dogs and cats love, even when nauseous!

Made with Purified Water

Cats and Dogs have a higher sense of smell and taste – most tap water sources contain chlorine which may be why you can find it hard to get your cats and dogs to drink lots of water. Oralade is chlorine free.

Free from Citrates

Dogs and cats are sensitive to citrus. However most oral rehydration powder solutions contain citric acid which makes them unpalatable.

Oralade does not contain citrus ingredients, that’s why animals love it!

100% natural Chicken flavour

Science has proven adding flavour encourages greater fluid consumption, where as plain water can shut down the thirst mechanism early. Oralade is highly palatable for pets even when nauseous, ensuring optimum fluid intake and replenishing essential electrolytes and glucose.

NO artificial preservatives

Most complete pet foods contain essential vitamins needed for a healthy diet. Often vitamins have a strong taste in water, which can deter dogs and cats from drinking. Preservatives also have a negative impact on taste. With Oralade we only add whats needed for rehydration and nutritional support.

Fast effective relief from diarrhoea and GI upset

Help replace the essential fluids, glucose and nutrients your pet needs for recovery

  • Highly palatable
  • Isotonic balanced formula
  • Functional amino acids
  • Prebiotic fibre
  • Simple glucose

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