Macahl Animal health,
Where pet health is our priority

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our happy customers had to say about Oralade.

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Macahl Animal health,
Where pet health is our priority

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our happy customers had to say about Oralade.

Vomiting Recovery

I routinely prescribe Oralade as first thing to offer post recovery from vomiting. Clients don’t like to starve their pets – For gastroenteritis cases Oralade is a great stop-gap before introducing solid feeding again.


Absolute Lifesaver

Bought this for my incontient Manx cat. This product saved her life literally so many times when she was dehydrated. If an animal is not eating this IS the product you need and a syringe. Cannot praise enough!

Lisa Tanner, Surrey

Hund mit Durchfall

Hatten es vom Tierarzt bekommen wegen des Durchfalls beim Hund. Da sie sonst nicht viel Wasser trinkt, hilft bei unseren hund eine kleine Zugabe davon im Trinkwasser und der Napf ist schnell leer.

Jutta schreibt, Germany

Very effective on my aged cat

My cat age 17 has regained the nice colour of her fur after consumption of the product. This strongly indicates the vitamin and nutritional element in the drink. She actually likes it a lot too. As an old cat, he doesn’t eat much anymore and has lost substantial weight. He has kidney problems too. This product helps.

Mary Lau, London

Renal failure

Without it my 20 year old cat with renal failure would not survive. It is easy to administer by syringe or in a dish and it is quite tasty (I have tried it). My cat loves it.

Yvonne Hughes-Lamb, Cornwall

Amazing recovery in boxer

I had to remove the right limb of the pancreas from a boxer: we started microenteral nutrition with Oralade immediately she regained the swallow reflex and her recovery was amazing. Early microenteral nutrition reduces mortality in severe pancreatitis: Oralade is now our standard of care for all these acute cases.


Stroke Recovery

After my 14 year old whippet suffered a stroke, my vet recommended Oralade, as she wasn’t eating. I think it saved her life.

Beverley Whitby, Derby

Super mit Hunden

Super es hat direkt beim durchfall geholfen und unser Hund ist wieder fit

Susan schreibt, Germany

Useful for pregnant dog

Have bought 2 bottles for using during whelping to give an energy boost. Useful, it being made up already, to use straight away.

Caroline, Warwick, UK

Used with Kidney failure

My dog was never a big drinker. Now that she has kidney failure she needs to drink more. I purchased Oralade because I was advised that electrolytes were good. Was really astounded to see the way she gulps it down. I add some distilled water to it & now I know she’s getting plenty of fluids. Great product!!

Chava Mozes, London


Unser Hund trinkt bei Magen/Darm Problemen leider fast kein Wasser. Oralade wird jedoch nicht nur von unserem Hund sondern auch von den Hunden unserer Bekannten, denen wir dieses Produkt empfohlen haben, sehr gut angenommen! Wie haben immer ein paar Flaschen davon auf Vorrat. Hätten wir dieses Produkt nur eher gekannt, uns wären während seiner lang anhaltenden Darmentzündung viele Sorgen erspart geblieben!

Ursula schreibt, Germany

Anorexic Renal patients

We sell as much Oralade as we do probiotics for diarrhoea. Dogs and clients love it. Frozen Oralade cubes make a great low calorie treats. For anorexic renal patients we routinely place an oesophagotomy tube: Oralade is a great low phosphorus fluid to rehydrate quickly.


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  • Case study Oralade with diabetic dog 2012 Vetsnow Dr Firth
  • Oralade case study Cat Belgium 2016
  • Wildlife Hospital Camberly

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